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Angels - Red Jasper Pocket Angel

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Red Jasper Pocket Angel

Carry this beautiful carved miniature Angel with you to guide and protect you. Carry in your purse or pocket. Find in a special place in your home or your car to keep it. Keep by your bedside and call upon your Angels for guidance, healing and love.

Measures 2.5 cm (1") in height
(Measurements are approximate).

Please Note: As a Natural Mined Stone, Your Angel is Unique and Will Diiffer from That Shown.

Your Pocket Angel comes in a draw-string pouch for safekeeping.

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Red Jasper is said to be a nurturer, encouraging spiritual development. It is also thought to be a good 'grounding stone" to alleviate stress when placed inside your pillowcase. It is said to be good for illnesses, such as, bronchitis, cancer, cystitis, stomach upsets and gall stones. Red Jasper is thought to help de-clutter the mind and allowing a more organised life and thought process. Belief is that the stone re-vitalises the body and blood and expands the energy system creating inspiration for 'new beginnings', It's said to stimulate the intellect with positive entrepreneurial thoughts.

The stone is assigned to Aries in most reference charts and is linked to the use of benevolent power, new beginnings, creative flair and active use of artistic abilities!

(Please note: Red Jasper is a 'red/brown" colour with various colours of veining)



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