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Blue John Stone Bracelet

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Blue John Bracelet
(Special Selection Stones)

Derbyshire Blue John Stone Stone Bracelet
Displays 30 Blue John Gemstones varying in colour and shape

Please note; theses stones are polished and all sharp edges have been removed
The stones are all different in appearance - colour and shape
The colours display most of the colours found in Derbyshire Blue John
(Limited Edition - One only)

The stones are set on an EXPANDABLE bracelet, therefore, fits most wrist sizes
Bracelet slips easily over the hand

Unexpanded Bracelet measures 70 mm in diameter (7 cm)
(Measurements are approximate)
- with an average stone depth of 12 mm
(Please note this is an average so stones may be a little larger or slightly smaller)

The bracelet in this photograph is the one you will receive

Presented in quality box

UK Seller

FREE Royal Mail First Class Post UK only

Tracked and Signed for

Ref: 10/0047

Derbyshire Blue John Stone is a rare, semi-precious mineral found at only one location in the world; close to Castleton, in Derbyshire, England. The name 'Blue John" derives from the French Bleu Jaune meaning Blue Yellow. A form of fluorite, 'Blue John" was discovered as miners explored cave systems in Castleton, Derbyshire looking for lead in the 19th century.

Each Blue John stone is unique. There are no two identical stones. Due to the fact that stones are cut individually from a 'vein" they will differ. Some may appear semi-translucent. Some pieces may display a creamy or yellow-like colour. These points are what make Blue John stones so valuable and rare. They are often considered an investment with collectors sited all over the world!

*Please note, Ceirys has traced the authenticity ofthis stone and is satisfied that it is true Derbyshire Blue John.


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