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    Beautiful and Romantic! Celtic Kiss Pendant with Garnet: Only 34.95

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Bracelets - Silver Daisy In Peek-A-Boo Teardrop
Bracelets - Silver Daisy In Peek-A-Boo TeardropSilver T-Bar Bracelet(With Daisy in Peek-a-Boo Pear-shaped D...

Silver Charms

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Silver Plated Pocket Watch Charm Silver Plated Pocket Watch Charm
Silver Plated Pocket Watch Charm
Silver PlatedFixed Face (Coloured)
Charm can also be worn as a Pendant !Chains HERE

Charm Measures 12 mm Diameter...
Charm - Silver Mortar Board Charm - Silver Mortar Board
Silver Mortar Board Charm/Pendant
Sterling SilverTassel DetailThis Lovely Polished Silver Piece
Charm Measures 17 mm in length(Measurements are approximat...
Charms - Silver Horseshoe Charms - Silver Horseshoe
Silver Horseshoe Charm
Sterling SilverMarked with the words "Good Luck" Sits on Sterling Silver Hoop

Add to your Charm Bracelet or wear on a Chain as...
Silver Bear Charm Silver Bear Charm
Silver Cartoon-Like Bear Charm

Embossed and crafted Sterling Silver BearPartly Polished finishSits on Silver Hoop
Add to Bracelet or wear on chain as ...
Charms - Silver Initial 'O' Charms - Silver Initial 'O'
Silver Initial 'O'Clip-on Charm
Sterling SilverPolishedVersatile piece
Great to Clip on 'phone, jeans, bag, zip etc

Charm measures 11 mm x 8 mm(Mea...
Silver Scales (Libra / Law ) Silver Scales (Libra / Law )
Silver Scales (Libra / Legal / Law) - Charm(Libra - September 23 - October 22)
Beautifully sculpturedSterling SilverPolished finish
Charm measures 13 mm x...
Charms - Silver Coronation Crown Charms - Silver Coronation Crown
Silver Coronation Crown
Intricate DetailingSterling Silver Coronation crown
Perfect as a Charm or Pendant
Special vacation reminder - orGift for your k...
Charms - Silver Pram (on clip) Charms - Silver Pram (on clip)
Silver Pram (Clip-on) Charm
Sterling Silver PramSet on Silver ClipDetailed CharmPolished finish
Charm measures: 9 mm x 8 mm (Measurements are approximate)...
Silver Twins (Gemini) - Charm Silver Twins (Gemini) - Charm
Silver Twins (Gemini) - Charm
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Could be worn on chain as pendant.
Sterling Silver Charm
Measures: 17 mm Long (Measurements are a...
Charms - Silver Angel Charms - Silver Angel
Silver Angel Charm
Sterling Silver - 925
Beautiful Silver AngelEmbossed/Polished finish
Charm measures 13 mm in length(Measurements are approximate)$!&...
Charms - Silver Mouse Charms - Silver Mouse
Silver Mouse Charm
Sterling Silver Cartoon-look Mouse
Nicely sculptured/EmbossedSolid yet detailed Figure
Add to a Charm Bracelet or Chain to Wear as P...
Charms - Silver Red Heart Charms - Silver Red Heart
Silver Red Heart Charm (Clip-on)
Sterling Silver Heart-shapeColoured RedEmbossed with Word 'Love' in Silver(Please see photo)
Measures 22 mm total drop(M...
 Silver Cubic Zirconia Silver Cubic Zirconia "Love" Charm
Silver "Love" Clip-on Charm
Set with Cubic Zirconia Gemstones (Set into the 'O" )Set on Beautiful Sterling Silver
Charm Measures 17 mm x 7 mm. (Measuremen...
Silver Horse on Chain - Necklace Silver Horse on Chain - Necklace
Silver Horse on Chain Necklace
Sterling SilverNicely EmbossedHangs grom Hoop
Horse measures: 18 mm nose-to-tail x 18 mm to top of head (Measurements are a...
Silver / Black Enamel Riding Boot Silver / Black Enamel Riding Boot
Silver / Black Enamel Riding Boot Charm
Sterling Silver CharmFinished with Black Enamel
Measures: 15 mm x 10 mm (Overall)(Measurements are Approximate)$!&...
Charms - Silver / Enamelled Christmas Tree Charms - Silver / Enamelled Christmas Tree

Silver / Coloured Enamelled Christmas Tree
Sterling Silver Covered with Various Colours of EnamelGold Plated StarSterling Silver Clip
Sterling Silver ...
Initial 'W Initial 'W" Charm
Initial 'W" Charm
Sterling Silver - Marked 925Polished Face and Back Sterling Silver Hanging Hoop
Initial Measures: 10 mm x 10 mm (L x w)(Measurements ar...
Silver Initial 'I' Silver Initial 'I'
Silver Initial 'I" Charm/Pendant
Sterling Silver - Polished FinishSilver Hoop Hanging
Piece measures: 10 x 4 mm (Length x width)(Measurements are approxim...
 Silver / Black Masquerade Mask Charm Silver / Black Masquerade Mask Charm
Silver / Black Masquerade Mask Charm
Sterling Silver Base and clipBlack Enamelling to front
Charm Measures: 13 mm in length(Measurements are approximate)$...
Charms - Black Court Shoe Charms - Black Court Shoe
Silver / Black Court Shoe Charm
Sterling Silver bottom to high heeled shoeBlack Enamelling to top
Sterling Silver Clip-on Charm

Measures 28 mm Over...
Charm - Silver Baby Booties/Shoes Charm - Silver Baby Booties/Shoes
Baby Booties Charm/PendantSterling Silver - 925EmbossedPolished finish
Measures: 20 mm - total drop (Measurements are approximate)
Booties are 'loose" - ...
Charms - Silver Deer Charms - Silver Deer
Silver Deer Charm(Akin to Nursery Story Favourite!)
Sterling silverPolished FinishLovely Detail
Add to Bracelet or Wear as Pendant on a Chain
Measures ...
Charms - Silver and Enamel Bead Charm Charms - Silver and Enamel Bead Charm
Silver and Enamel Bead Charm(Thread-on Bead Charm.)
Sterling Silver Barreland mark edgingEnamel animal print covering
Charm Measures: 14 mm x 14 mm(Measur...
Charms -  Silver Block Bead Charms - Silver Block Bead
Silver Block Bead Charm
Sterling SilverOblong, Chevron Patterned Thread-On BeadChevron lines well defined
Contemporary Piece
Charm Measures: 17 mm x 11...
Charms - Silver Credit Card Charms - Silver Credit Card
Credit Card Charm
Lightly Engraved Sterling Silver CharmSecurity Strip Shown on Reverse Along WithLightly Engraved Symbols
This Silver Charm Measures 20 m...
Charms - Silver Bikini/ Bra Top Charms - Silver Bikini/ Bra Top
Silver Bikini/Bra Top Charm
Sterling Silver CharmEncrusted with clear Cubic Zirconia stones to frontHollow ~Piece - Details back strapsClip-on piece
Charms - Silver Dog with Bone Charms - Silver Dog with Bone
Silver Dog with Bone Charm
Sterling Silver Dog and BoneNicely detailed
Perfect for a Charm BraceletOr Wear on chain
Charm Measures: 10 mm in length(Mea...
Charms - Silver Football Boots Charms - Silver Football Boots
Silver Football Boots Charm
Well Fashioned BootsPolished Sterling SilverPair of (2) Boots
Measures: 20 mm in length(Measurements are approximate)
Can b...
Charms - Silver / Coloured Hot Air Balloon Charms - Silver / Coloured Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon Charm
Sterling Silver Moving Sterling Silver basket
Sterling Silver HoopBalloon Coloured with enamel in pink and yellow as per Photo
Charms - Silver Charms - Silver "I Love To Shop" Cube
Silver "I Love To Shop" Cube
Cube engraved with "I love to shop"Sterling SilverThread-On Bead
Charm Measures 7.5 mm x 7.5 mmBarrel measures 5 mm(Measurem...
Charms - Silver/Enamelled Handbag Charms - Silver/Enamelled Handbag
Handbag Charm - on clip
Sterling Silver Baseand Sterling Silver clipColoured Enamel Faced on back and front (as shown in picture)
Charm measures 15 mm x 1...
Charms - Silver Ornate Contemporary Lozenge Charms - Silver Ornate Contemporary Lozenge
Silver Contemporary Charm
Patterned Thread-On Bead Beautifully Worked in Sterling Silver
Fashioned Silver Bead Patterned all aroundSlightly flattened barr...
Charms - Silver Owl Charms - Silver Owl
Silver Owl Charm - On Clip
Lovely Detailing to thisPolished Sterling Sterling Silver Owl Charm
Charm Measures: 18 mm in high(Measurements are approximate)...
Charms - Silver/Coloured Penguin Charms - Silver/Coloured Penguin
Silver Penguin Charm - On Clip
Sterling Silver Faced with Some Black Enamelling(Please note; Polished Silver Front)Sterling Silver Clip
Measures 16 mm x 1...
Charms - Silver Post Box Charms - Silver Post Box
Silver Post Box Charm
Sterling Silver Miniature UK PostboxDetailed and Embossed pieceHinge and Opening Mechanism Sited Either Side
Tiny Opening For Letter...
Charms - Silver Red Lipstick Charms - Silver Red Lipstick
Silver Lipstick Charm - On Clip
Sterling SilverColoured parts on Silver(Please see photo)

Charm Measures: 25 mm in length(Measurements are Approximate...
Charms - Silver/Red Mini Charms - Silver/Red Mini
Silver / Red Mini Car Charm
Union Jack Flag Roof on Mini CarEnamelling on Sterling SilverSterling Silver metal

Clip - on Charm
Prefect addition to ...
Charms - Silver Scottish Piper Charms - Silver Scottish Piper
Silver Scottish Piper Charm
Sterling Silver Detailing Piper in Uniform with BagpipesPolished Piece

Add to your Bracelet or Wear on Chain
Charms - Silver Lion Rampant Charms - Silver Lion Rampant
Lion Rampant Charm
Sterling Silver Polished Silver FinishWell detailed
Add to Bracelet or Wear on a Chain as a Pendant .
Measures 22 mm in length(Measu...
Charms - Silver Ballet Shoes Charms - Silver Ballet Shoes
Silver Ballet Shoes Charm
Sterling Silver Replica Ballet ShoesSet on Silver ClipPolished Silver
Charm Measures: 11 mm in length(Measurements are approxima...
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