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Care and Cleaning of Your Jewellery

Fine jewellery can last a lifetime.All it needs is proper care and cleaning. Cleaning your fine jewellery is one way of keeping it bright and shining, as it was on the day you first purchased it. Most jewellery is fairly durable but still needs proper care:

Clean your jewellery regularly to remove the oil and soap film that distracts from its beauty.

Remove your jewellery while exercising or playing sports. Your gemstone can be chipped or be jarred loose.

Before wearing your jewellery, check for loose stones.

Avoid wearing jewellery during housework. Contact with household chemicals, especially ammonia-based, may discolour or damage your jewellery.

Do not use proprietary cleaning products, such as Silver Dip on Blue John, turquoise, lapis, pearls, amber or any other stones if you are at all unsure of the consequences.

Never store your jewellery in piles or together. This is to avoid scratching the stones in your jewellery as well as the metal mounting. Harder gemstones, such as diamonds, can scratch may other stones or soft metals.

Preferably store your precious jewellery in separate sections of the jewellery box or wrap them separately in soft cloths.

Do not wear your jewellery in swimming pools and on beaches. The chlorine in the pool and the seawater can harm and discolour the stones in your jewellery.

Gold and sterling silver, the metals used with the setting of stones in jewellery are quite soft. Special care is needed to ensure they are not damaged and dented. Sterling silver being very soft can easily be marred by even fingernails.

Do not soak your jewellery for extended periods in soap or other such solutions. It may harm the polish of your gemstone.

Never ever use chlorine bleach to clean jewellery.Never use toothpaste to clean your jewellery. The abrasives in your toothpaste could mar the shine on the stone and the mounted metal.

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